Breastfeeding Classes

Our Breastfeeding Classes offer to teach you and support you every step of the way. We help you understand the benefits of breastfeeding, teach you proper breastfeeding techniques, and how to prevent problems and complications. You will learn how breast milk is produced, answers to the myths and truths about breastfeeding and your body’s ability to feed and nourish you baby, answering the age old question “How will I know my baby is getting enough?” We will bring you through the first year as your baby grows and what you should expect while feeding. You will also learn about returning to work or school with a good pumping schedule using both a manual or electric pump, and how to store breastmilk.

Our facilitators are experienced breastfeeding moms, with many of them having ongoing education and certifications in breastfeeding. We are available for counseling day or night, during your hospital stay, your recovery at home or at any other stage of your breastfeeding experience. All support materials for the class are provided. We strongly recommend to start these classes during the second trimester.