Building Smart Relationships

This course is offered to young women and teens to help them determine what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. It gives them a new perspective and opens their mind to the condition of a relationship that they may already be in or helps them to set up relationship goals and boundaries that are healthy and wise. Attendees often times recognize the value of themselves and are able to build the confidence they need to choose someone that will treat them in an honoring way. If you have questions about the way you are being or should be treated, this course helps answer that. It also covers bonding, future family and marriage with a lifetime potential, STIs and sexual health. It reveals masks in relationships, and encourages whole person development as in moral, physical, intellectual, emotional and social importance. One of the most important decisions we make in our lives is the person we look to spend our lives and have a family with.

This class is fun and enlightening and you will finish feeling more confident about some of your decisions. The tools you can get from this class are beyond value.