Childbirth Preparation Classes

This class helps prepare mothers for their birthing experience. The objectives are to give you an understanding of birthing options, interventions, early stage labor, transition and second-stage labor. It will help you set realistic labor expectations, supporting both medicated and un-medicated births. Birthing coaches and support people are encouraged to attend to help understand the importance of their role. This class also covers relaxation techniques, simple exercises to help prepare your body for delivery, along with tips on nutrition.

We want to give you useful and relevant information to make you as informed as possible so you have a new level of confidence as you progress toward that special day. Our childbirth classes are recommended in late second trimester or early third and are scheduled once a week for three weeks, lasting about 1.5 hours. All booklets and material supplies are included. We are always here for questions or just a refresher course for subsequent births.