Medical Services Overview

All of our services are free and confidential.

At the Medical Office at Alight we provide compassionate care that empowers informed choices and recognizes the value and uniqueness of each person. We strive to be THE place where individuals who have sexual health concerns, or may be pregnant, find comfort and support as well as the resources they need to thrive.

All of our services are free and confidential. We offer pregnancy testing and ultrasound along with STI/STD testing and treatment. Walk in appointments are welcome during business hours, or call ahead and come in for a consultation where your concerns will be addressed in a holistic, healthy environment for you and for your family.

Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy test may be needed if you have missed a period and are experiencing
frequent urination or nausea, breast tenderness and unusual fatigue. With a positive pregnancy test we can provide free proof of pregnancy for insurance purposes. Learn More –>


If your pregnancy test is positive, you will be referred to our in house medical office for a limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, to determine gestational age, and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. All ultrasounds are free and confidential. Learn More –>

STI / STD Testing and Treatment

Many sexually transmitted infections (STI or STD) have little or no signs in the majority of people who are infected. Many also have mild signs that can easily be overlooked. If you have had unprotected sex, a new partner, or more than one partner you should get tested for an STI / STD. We provide testing and treatment for STI / STDs including HIV and Hep B. Learn More  –>

Pap Smears

The Pap test is a screening test for cervical cancer. Most cervical cancers can be detected early if a woman has routine Pap tests. Learn more ->