Options – Adoption

What Does Adoption Look Like?

The first thing to know about adoption is that a lot has changed and adoption in 2015 does not look like it did in 1985. Today the adoption process empowers the birthmother with countless choices. A woman considering this option is able to choose the family, how many kids in the family, where they live, religious background, economic level or whatever is important to the birth mom. It is often looked at as a “parenting choice” instead of “giving up” a child. Family options are endless. There are an estimated 2 million families waiting each year to adopt. In most instances there is no cost to the birthmother, and in some cases adoptive families may cover medical expenses.

Considering adoption?

How much do you really know? Many women are choosing adoption and are proud about their decision. Some women do not feel ready to parent and see adoption as an option that benefits everyone involved.

Researching your options is a smart step to take. This is a choice that you need to think about carefully. If you aren’t in a position to parent, no matter what the reason, adoption may be the right choice for you. Alight is not an adoption agency, but through our association with several adoption agencies we provide office space for those agencies and our clients to meet. Women learn about the choices they have in creating an adoption plan that fits their individual needs without judgement or pressure.

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