Parenting Classes

Children don’t come with instructions, but with this program and the experience of our facilitators, you can gain valuable knowledge to help guide you. The classes cover parenting styles, home safety, learning to play, discipline, the power of choices, rules, the power of our words, bonding, temperament, tantrums, encouragement and even the value of parent self-care. Every child we have is different and although there are some basic principles we can apply to all children, we need to focus on them as individuals. This program not only gives you the basics, but individual circumstances are often brought up and we try to guide parents through their own personal experiences.

This is a six week program, which is approved by our county agencies to fulfill any requirements they may have for you. At the end of the six weeks you will receive a certificate stating you completed the classes, but more importantly you will come away with vital tools to help you parent your children.