Sexual Education – NO MIX

We have been taking this program to Junior and Senior public and private schools, churches and youth organizations for several years and young people have found it to be engaging and educational. Our facilitator has built good rapport with the staff and teachers at these host schools in the counties that Alight serves and works hard to maintain open communication with them, while presenting a clear and true account to young people about sexual activity. Our speakers are available to speak with surety and clarity about the realistic option of abstinence. NO MIX also focuses the presentation on important topics like STIs and sexual health. It gives young people tools to make a positive and different choice than is often the cultural norm. It also focuses on the media and messages youth get day in and day out about sex. NO MIX speaks to youth about their value not always being linked to what they wear, what they have or what they do, but about who you are and always will be.